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Treating Mosquitoes as the Enemy!

Mosquitoes are not nice creatures.  They are nasty creatures who are out to bite you, suck your blood and make you itch like crazy when you are trying to sleep.  Out of all the insects int eh world, mosquitoes are possibly the most hated.  For this reason, mosquito treatment smyrna is a key factor to removing these pests.

mosquito treatment smyrna


One of the first lines of defense is to spray for mosquitoes.  This spraying action will send a pesticide into the air that will fall down over the entire area where mosquitoes live.  The idea is that it will get into the water and the grass killing them dead.

The problem with spraying is that once it gets out there it has nowhere to go except back into the ground.  This is why it is vital that you use natural pesticides instead of harmful ones.  You want to use a pesticide that is water based which will not affect the surrounding environment.

Avoiding Alcohol

After you spray, you want to take actions to keep them away from you personally.  One thing that you can do is avoid alcohol.  When we consume alcohol, it makes a change in our blood chemistry.  This change will make us more attractive to mosquitoes. 

Wear light clothing

Mosquitos are attracted to heat absorbing colors.  Colors such as black and brown will absorb heat more than lighter colors.  If you are going to be outside, make sure you are wearing white or a light color.  It is a mosquito cloaking device that will protect you from their attacks.


Finally, you will want to be around screens.  Screens and other protective netting will keep the mosquitoes away.  If you are going to be outside, consider getting a tent or other enclosed device that has screening around it.  You can also screen in a porch or have an outside room that is designed for you to enjoy the night air.